March 13, 2018

Baths And Your Bathroom

Baths are now available in a huge variety of styles and sizes so you can be certain to discover the right style to perfectly suit you and your bathroom, whether you would like to create an indulgent and luxurious feel with a freestanding bath or want to combine both bathing and showering with a shower bath.

Before choosing a new bath think about the overall style of your bathroom and the look and feel that you want to create. Also, take into consideration your requirements and choose a style that will meet your needs. Make sure that you accurately measure the space too, and double check your measurements as every little bit counts.

Straight acrylic and steel baths are a popular choice for a new bathroom and they are available in a variety of lengths ranging from a compact 1500mm to a spacious 1800mm. A straight bath can feature a single or double-ended design. Double-ended styles are perfect for a family with young children as they feature plenty of space so you can easily wash two kids at the same time and as the taps are installed in the middle it means you can comfortably bathe at whichever end you like. A steel bath is great for a family bathroom too as it offers a practical and sturdy bathing solution and will last you for many years to come.

If your bathroom has an awkward shape a corner bath may be the best solution for making the most of the available space. A corner bath is also a different alternative to a straight bath and will provide your bathroom with a feeling of luxury too. Corner baths are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1200x1200mm to 1500x1000mm, and some even include a handy seat.

For those who have a bathroom that doesn't have enough space to install a separate bath and shower enclosure opting for a shower bath is the best solution, this way you don't have to compromise on having to choose between the two. A shower bath features a clever design which widens out at one end to form a spacious showering area but doesn't compromise on bathing space. There are two main styles of shower bath including the popular p-shape, which is available in two lengths including 1500mm and 1700mm and the contemporary square shower bath. Shower baths also feature a bath screen to prevent your bathroom from getting covered in splashes every time you have a shower.

For the ultimate touch of luxury a freestanding bath is the perfect choice. Freestanding baths are available in a variety of sizes and designs ranging from the traditional freestanding roll top bath to more contemporary designs. A freestanding bath will also provide your bathroom with a relaxing spa-like feel and help to create a feeling of calm. Traditional roll top and slipper baths are great for creating an authentic traditional feel to your bathroom, but just be aware that they have exposed pipework so take care if there are young children around. A slipper bath is perfect for creating a glamorous feel and has one end at a higher level than the other. If you want an ultra-modern feel to your bathroom think about choosing a striking, contemporary design that will create the wow-factor as soon as you walk in the room.

For a very rejuvenating and relaxing experience why not choose a whirlpool or an air-spa bath? These style of baths are perfect for helping to ease away your aches and pains. Whirlpool baths pump water through jets which are positioned in the side of the bath and an air-spa bath pumps air through jets positioned in the base of the bath, some baths even combine both options for a more invigorating experience.

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