January 10, 2018

Bathroom Rejuvenation

You may think that rejuvenating a tired old bathroom is a real challenge, but there are actually really simple ways to give your bathroom a fresh new look and feel.

Of course, everybody would love a new bathroom suite, but when budget or other circumstances don't suit, there are other ways to spruce up the bathroom.

New Bathroom Taps

Rusty old bathroom taps aren't a pretty sight, and replacing a bathroom tap is a really simple task.

We would almost always recommend chrome taps, as they look modern and attractive. They are incredibly popular due to their versatility in design, and manufacturers offer long guarantees so they are truly built to last.

They're also really easy to clean and when they are, they look nothing short of stylish. You can opt for traditional mixer taps or separate hot & cold taps with a range of types and styles available.

New Bathroom Lighting

The need to have nice lights within a bathroom is often ignored, despite the fact that impressive bathroom lighting can really make a difference.

Mirrors with built-in lights are becoming increasingly popular, and we particularly like simple, wall-hung bathroom lights that can bring great ambience to a bathroom.

For an even greater ambiance, mood lighting is another option.

New Bathroom Cabinets

Not everybody is blessed with the biggest of bathrooms, and space is often premium. However, we always recommend some form of fixed storage space - particularly bathroom cabinets.

Mirrors can give an illusion of space and reflect light so that the room feels brighter and bigger, therefore mirrored bathroom cabinets are highly recommended. Most importantly, this upgrade means that all clutter (such as toiletries) can be kept out of sight.

New Flooring

A new flooring can really transform your bathroom. It's a simple way to improve & upgrade your bathroom, especially if your bathroom has a carpet floor or worn out flooring.

There are so many different type of bathroom flooring, including durable and hygienic ceramic floor tiles to cheaper, easy to clean laminate and vinyl floors. If you have more to spend, hardwood and natural stone floors can look absolutely stunning.

New Linens

This may seem obvious but quality linens such as soft, luxurious towels add a nice touch to the bathroom.

Cheap towels are obvious and will need replacing sooner so we recommend paying a bit more for quality (with everything really) so that you have something that will last much longer.

You can also freshen up the bathroom with a new bath mat or shower curtain. There's no need to spent a lot here but something as simple as this can really help improve the bathroom.


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