October 04, 2018

Next time you think heating, think findyourbathroom. Why go for radiators in white when the heating industry now offers a rainbow of radiator finishes and you'll be tickled pink by the palette of possibilities; consider radiators in yummy yellows, rosy reds or beautiful blues that will make your neighbours green with envy.
With the summer being a wash-out, decorators are using colour to bring warmth to the inside of our homes. Radiators provide the perfect base for a splash of colour.

"Bright colours are the most natural anti-depressant in the world," says the interior and product designer Jonathan Adler. "Whenever I look at an orange cushion my serotonin levels start soaring, it gets me in my gut. Colours are cheering, that's all there is to it."
Consider that a stunning piece of radiator design in neutral tones could easily blend in to a white wall, however in an outrageous orange, it's a different story; suddenly a blast of colour adds interest and warmth to what could otherwise be a dull space.
Choosing a radiator in an accent colour can really help tie in your fixings and fittings. For instance, a red radiator looks stunning when used alongside red appliances.
Pastels can work as well as primary and secondary colours, adding a subtle but equally sophisticated finish to any interior. Many radiators are available in 100s of colours including baby blues, pretty pinks and minty greens.
Coloured radiators can also be used to develop specific themes within a room; why not go for navy to give a nautical feel, go green to bring the outside in or pick purple for a funky vibe.
If you want a specific colour match, then speak to a radiator specialist who will be able to advise you of the range available. Many radiators can be finished in colours to match those of household paint manufacturers; if you ask for radiator painted in "Dead Salmon" or "Elephant's Breath" then it's good to know your supplier won't think that you're requesting bizarre sacrificial offerings!
So go magenta, not magnolia. Go crimson, not cream. And don't go white, go wild!
For information on radiators in a huge range of colours, speak to a radiator expert. Particularly look to those specialists who have a showroom as it means that they may well have a large range of radiators you can view "in the flesh" to ensure that you see accurate representations of your colour options.