June 11, 2020

Freestanding Baths - Good & Bad

A bath is likely to be categorized as built-in or freestanding. The freestanding baths are becoming more favored with homeowners due to the wide range of qualities on offer. Here are some of the major pros and cons of installed the freestanding baths in the home -

The Positives

Distinct Design - A significant aspect of the freestanding baths is the distinct design they are able to offer. A well-chosen bath is certain to offer a superb design statement once installed in the home. Traditionally, this type of tub came with a single design which resembled the large-sized baths with claw feet and appeared much like the old-styled Victorian baths. However, with the increased popularity in this type of tub there is now a variety of designs and models available to match the tastes of most users.

Different Sizes and Shapes - The freestanding baths are designed with the modern and classic look and offer a choice in relation to depth, length, and shape (square, oval, roll top, etc). A deeper tub is perfect for enjoying a more luxurious and relaxing soak, while a shallow tub is perfect for the children.

A Variety of Materials - A modern bath like this can come in a variety of materials like those in acrylic, wood, cast iron, and stone. It helps to purchase the complementing plumbing fixture and fittings such as the enclosures, shower heads, and taps to make sure the more consistent theme is achieved.

Rejuvenate the Bathroom - Installing one of the modern freestanding baths is certain to help with renewing the appearance of the bathroom. It is also possible to see a noticeable improvement in the market value of the property by renovating certain areas of the home like the bathroom since this make the property that much more enticing to future owners.

The Negatives

Required Space - Even though the size of the tub is a feature to help with creating the focal point, this also means the freestanding baths need a sufficient amount of space all round to create the perfect look. However, if it isn't necessary to have free space all round, it is often possible to have these tubs installed in the smaller spaces.

Expensive - It is seen that the freestanding tubs are more expensive to purchase and install compared to the alternative of the built-in models. Also, the plumbing needs to be carefully concealed to make sure a high level of installation is possible.

Weight of Tub - A further point of consideration relates to the weight of the bathtub. Freestanding bathsare often heavier and therefore it is necessary to consider the bathrooms ability to support the weight prior to installing.