October 24, 2018

People make great use of their bathrooms these days, they are not the stop and go place of the past any longer. Bathroom radiators have come along in leaps and bounds and the array of different designs which you can purchase today is quite dizzying. Whilst designer bathroom radiators used to be very expensive, today they are available from most DIY stores and as they are made in bulk the pricing has plummeted. Nowadays you can buy funky and stylish bathroom radiators for low money and the benefits which you draw from such a purchase with aesthetics seem well worth the initial investment.

Many of the bathroom radiators available are the towel rail type, these are handy for keeping your towels on, drying them out in between use and also for providing you with lovely snugly warm towels when your ready to wipe. This type of towel rail comes in a huge amount of different styles, there are cylindrical ones, spring like ones, and bog standard rail type designs, they are all very good at what they do. One point of note with towel rail radiators though is that the majority do not put out as much heat as an ordinary radiator so you need to make sure that the room is adequately heated and if not then you may need two or possibly an ordinary radiator as well, although this last option will spoil the look. Many of the towel rail radiators are electrically heated and as such they can be switched on and off regardless of what the central heating system is doing, this is the upside, the downside is that you will probably spend more money on running it than you would if it were on the central heating system. If you don't like the sound of this then you do not have to purchase an electric towel rail radiator, instead you can get one which pipes onto your central heating system.

Aside from towel rail radiators there are many designer radiators available for your bathroom, they come in all manner of size, shape and colour, the world really is your oyster. Again some of these can be somewhat expensive but once again take not that the DIY stores do mass produce a selection which is much less costly than from a fancy exclusive store.

One other type of radiator you could employ is the traditional style radiator which is made of cast iron and is really the only choice if you are going for a period looking bathroom. These radiators can be very expensive but you may be lucky and purchase one which doesn't cost too much from a reclamation yard or a place which deals with old salvaged items.

Which ever type of radiator you choose have a good look around, get prices from many places and don't forget to try then internet as there are a huge number of suppliers who you can try for prices.