November 02, 2018

As it is getting cooler, we should consider about adding some savvy products and design solutions to keep our bathroom warm and give it a sense of comfort. 

  • Radiators and towel rails
  • Flooring heating system
  • Steam shower cubicles


A warm towel after you stepping out from the warm bathtub or shower enclosure in a cold winter is considerate. You will greatly appreciate the benefits it brings to you by a small towel warmer. You guest will feel as comfortable as at home if you could also add a radiator in your guest bathroom.

Bathroom radiators and towel warmers come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes to suit your own personal taste and style. It is seems quite easy to make a feature and statement with your radiator. Before order the radiators you have to decide if the heater is going to be fitted on the wall or on the floor.

Tile flooring for bathroom has many benefits but it also makes your feet cold in winter, thus installing a floor heating system in your bathroom to avoid stepping on the cool tile flooring that sends chills up the spine is very necessary. Make a new bathroom with warm and beauty at the same time.

A spa/steam system is another trend of contemporary bathroom design. Nowadays, more and more people are turning their master bathrooms into private luxurious spa-rooms, investing a good amount of money to seek comfort, relaxation, luxury, and warmth to escape from the heavy work stress.