October 31, 2018

Towel radiators or heated towel rails fall into two categories: those used solely to warm towels (where a separate radiator is used to heat the bathroom) and those used to both warm towels and heat the bathroom.

All too often, people swap their bathroom radiator for a towel rail, without taking account of heat output. This can result in warm towels in an otherwise cold and miserable bathroom - especially in winter! With a bit of expert advice, this scenario can be avoided. Once you know what heat output your bathroom needs (your plumber, heating engineer or radiator specialist can work it out for you) then it's a case of matching this to the right radiator.

If your bathroom is compact and well insulated, you shouldn't have a problem in finding a towel radiator that will heat your bathroom adequately. If your bathroom is large and not well insulated, most towel rails will not have the capacity to keep your bathroom warm, or may need to be ridiculously big in order to give out enough heat. The good news is that the radiator industry is finally responding to this problem. There are now several stylish and compact towel rails on the market, designed to maximize heat output with integral hanging rails.

Towel radiators now are available in a huge range of designs, finishes and sizes. Designs include not just ladder styles, but also traditional ball-jointed rails and a number of off-the-wall contemporary designs. Finishes include not just chrome but also antique brass, anthracite, gold and any paint colour you can imagine. Sizes start at only 700mm high x 300mm wide, up to 2000mm high or 1000mm wide from stock.

So make sure you get the right radiator for your bathroom by contacting a radiator specialist, who will be able to ensure that you get a radiator that ticks all the boxes; namely heat output, size, finish, style, quality, lead time and budget.